Do You Know What's Working For You?

Your brand deserves to win. By bringing some strategy into your business you can stop the guessing and "try this, try that" game and actually predict results. 


  • You're going with the flow and just doing everything you see and read with no real strategy

  • You're feeling overwhelmed balancing posting on social media, growing your business, providing excellent customer service, and your personal life 

  • You're ready to see an increase in your revenue 

  • You're ready to make more without spending so much time figuring out what to do on your own

  • You want to increase the conversion rate on your website and social media


How long is the session?

The session is 90 minutes.

What will we do during the session?

This call will be tailored to your brand needs. Once you book, I will begin to gather some resources and best practices based on your answers in the questionnaire and an audit I will conduct after payment. We will look at the gaps in your business and create solutions to close them.

What happens after the session?

After the session I will send you a recording of the session, so you can reference anything we discussed. You will receive an outline of the strategies and tactics we discussed. You will also receive a follow-up call after one week. I will be checking your progress and making sure everything is starting off well.

Do you offer refunds?

Strategy sessions are non-refundable. If you are late, that time will not be switched without 24-hour notice.